13th Jul 201423:00258 notes
Already missing @atharris and Colorado. Training in Pennsylvania this next week is going to be a little different than climbing rocks, fly fishing, baseball games, and riding around on segways. #growingpains
Little Man Ice Cream was a great call today. Totally lived up to all the hype. @atharris
4th Jul 201420:52

Got to kick of my 4th of July celebration last night with an incredible fireworks show after the Rockies game. 🇺🇸#USA @atharris

Yesterday in Colorado Springs at Garden of the Gods. Pretty awesome place with the biggest red rocks I’ve ever seen. @atharris
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Visited Coors Brewing Company today in Golden, CO. Little did I know, they also make Blue Moon. Pretty cool. #coldcoldcoors (at Coors Brewery, Golden Colorado)
Some man time before the wedding. Can’t wait to stand by @davidpressley in a few hours for his big day.
28th Jun 201415:31
3 mile hike to rehearsal dinner last night with @chasebutler and @kcarpenter91
28th Jun 201414:34
27th Jun 201415:46
Recently learned quit a bit about our 26th President, and I gotta say, he is a man after my own heart. One of my new favorites from history. The Bull Moose himself, Mr. Teddy Roosevelt. 
5th Jun 201421:08
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