This setup is about to make so many people in Birmingham look dapper this week. Get ready. #haberdasher
24th Aug 201412:57
The essentials. #oxxfordclothing #tomjamesclothing #haberdasher  (at Tom James Custom Clothing)
Happy Tie Tuesday everybody!
#corporatecleavage #paisley #ventura #tomjamesclothing #haberdasher #dapper #oxxfordclothing  (at Tom James Company)
Rainy Monday, had to liven it up a bit at work.
18th Aug 201421:20
I’m currently in Pennsylvania wishing I was back here instead. One of the coolest places I’ve been to. @atharris
10th Aug 201415:431 note
13th Jul 201423:00260 notes
Already missing @atharris and Colorado. Training in Pennsylvania this next week is going to be a little different than climbing rocks, fly fishing, baseball games, and riding around on segways. #growingpains
Little Man Ice Cream was a great call today. Totally lived up to all the hype. @atharris
4th Jul 201420:52

Got to kick of my 4th of July celebration last night with an incredible fireworks show after the Rockies game. 🇺🇸#USA @atharris

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